Pick and choose what is just right for your special child from birth to independence and ...





... point-and-click your choices to print the detailed learning plan for your next IEP meeting!

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The Goal Mine Library offers you over  

6,000 IEP goals and objectives.

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Exceptional Parent Magazine awarded The Goal Mine its Seal of Excellence


"The Goal Mine gently but effectively guides parents through the special education maze written in parent-friendly language, a "must carry" item in every parent's or advocate's educational arsenal."

... Exceptional Parent Magazine    (Read their entire review.)


" The Goal Mine is my Bible and I would not go to any IEP meetings without it. Every parent and educator should have a copy at their IEP meetings."      Lori Reynolds, Director, Iowa Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health.

EFFICIENT... For  parent, teacher, or advocate, The Goal Mine and Goal Digger are ideal planning tools for assembling the most effective IEP plan for a child, quickly and painlessly.

"I love how the (Goal Mine) text is interesting and parent-friendly. So many books about autism read like stereo instructions. Your book keeps my interest."   Sonya Wills, Autism Society of Iowa


FLEXIBLE... Use The Goal Mine and Goal Digger  together or separately to prepare a personal, appropriate IEP learning program for any child, any age, any special needs, with greater precision. 

"(The Goal Mine) is a long awaited excellent resource well indexed and a joy to use."    News and Reviews, Support For Families, San Francisco, CA




Parents : Use The Goal Mine and Goal Digger to plan every IEP your child will ever need from birth to adulthood.

Teachers:  Use your copies of The Goal Mine and Goal Digger throughout your entire special education career.


"This book and software will help you to write an IEP that you can be proud of and offer during your IEP/ARD meetings."   Amy Sue Patrick, Training Coordinator, Parent Advocate Quarterly, Valley View, TX


"I purchased 15 Goal Mines for our teachers and therapists. It's a terrific resource user friendly, inexpensive and very appropriate for our children."    Dr. Ellen D'Amato, Children's Specialized Hospital, Fanwood, NJ



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